I Think You Didn't

by Counterculture

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released June 6, 2018


all rights reserved



Counterculture Kansas City, Missouri

Jazzy emo punk sex-core.

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Track Name: All This Time I am Alone
I finished the bottle by

4 AM

Even though I said it was disgusting

But thats not what my face said

When I put it on the nightstand

I’m failing with shortness of breath

Images of you flashing through my fucking head

And investing

Through my bedding

Constantly swaying

My stance on you and

Never not considering a portrait of you as

An overwhelming

Sigh of relief

Your eyes talked more than you ever will again

I’d die if I could, but fuck it I miss my friends

And trying to pretend

All these feelings are dead

In a wishful regret

Like that other time before

And I’m really not sure

Track Name: Pop Tart
Cut your losses

Admit defeat, and tweet about it later

You’d like to think

As you self inflict your anger

That you’re better

You’d like to think

That everything could be

A girl and a cold drink

As this feeling repeats

Hey whats up

You look great

Me? Oh I’ve just been hanging out, and doing my own thing, oh and

By the way, I've been thinking about the days when we’d hang out all the time

Drink cheap bear, then get sicker

Take a cig break, this feelings so bitter

I wish I could forget

All these times you made me remember

I pass the time

Like I hope nobody else does

Letting faint connections fade

Waiting on the time of day to change

Missing feelings and stupid shit you used to say

I’m down to my last Pop Tart

And I’m still waiting on hearing the truth from you someday
Track Name: Goin' Hamms
Have I

Been smoking

Too much

To be wanting

To be walking

To going back to your street

Back to

Drinking black coffee

I feel something approaching

A sense of self loathing as I

Think of how you used to be

Im tired of seeing you

Living so peacefully

Away from

Any sort of planned out reality

You send me

Pictures of your smile

I waste away

Live my life, Die

And wish I could go back in time

Remember all the things we used to do

When I was sick you brought me soup

What do I even have to lose, I screw my fist into my face and almost lose a tooth

I can’t speak my mind when all you want to hear is, all you want to hear all the time

How am I supposed to try, to try and live my life without ever thinking of what you’re doing right now
Track Name: Waiting
I haven’t been

This confused since I took that math class

And I’m pretty sure I passed that

But now I’m completely collapsing

I close my eyes but nothing happens

All the bones in my legs are snapping

I wanna pick you up to talk and

Try to find a resolve

Peace I’ll never find that

I’ll never get you back and

I know it’s all my fault

My mouth and my eyelids can’t seem to stay open

To tell you I’ve been thinking ever since I left you thrown around and

I want you back in half in doses

Or however you’re tryna do it

I’ve never worried about directions

And I’ve always felt impatient

Entirely encapsulated

I had never felt more rejected

I sit on my bed in the dark

And cry all over my mattress

Relying on seeing you for sustenance

Your pretty smile and my restless torment

It’s better than Hell

Or at least that’s what I tell myself

Obtaining reassurance

From certain words that you may or may not have really meant

In the end

I’ll take whatever I can get

My mouth and my eyelids can’t seem to stay open

To tell you I’ve been thinking ever since I left you thrown around and

I want you back in half in doses

Or however you’re tryna do it

I’ve never worried about directions

And I’ve always felt impatient
Track Name: Cliche Love Song
Lately I’ve been waking up feeling like I haven’t slept in days. The thought of what you last said to me has me thinking of the next day. Alone, in my head, feeling lost confused and let down. Wish I knew why, when lately I’ve been feeling actually happy.
You don’t even know who you are anymore. So cold and distant, I smoke all this weed to end my feelings but when I’m with you it’s like I never ever really needed to

I can’t think, of anything, to say but clichés, I know that its probably good for me to start new, open up, let you in, i know that its hard but I’ll take a chance again. You miss me, don’t worry, I’m fine and of course I, still love you, as always, you are always on my mind

And I’m not afraid to cry, when I’m with you I actually feel alive
And I don’t want you to feel like a piece of shit, because I know that I have that affect
Track Name: Didn't You Think I?
It's been 18 years of me trying to learn to be a little more friendly, and it's not like I don't give a fuck turn your cheek and press repeat.
Oh you're so immersive and you're winding down with your ties unbound and, you write it off as a joke while you'll be caught up in what I just wrote.

It's late alright nothing's new, except when I said "fuck off" to you, all I had quit were my temper fits, and all your annoying arrogance
I trusted you way too much, didn't you think I would have cared if you, never showed up.
Late tonight somethings new, all I can feel is the color blue, to me you meant everything but now you're gone and I don't give a shit.

I'm tired, of my feelings being pushed around let down

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